Yellow Train of Pyrénées Orientales

The “Train Jaune” – the yellow train -, called also “the canary”, is a legendary rail line that crosses the French Catalonia’s highlands of the Pyrénées Orientales department in the south west of France.
The train’s cars are painted in Catalonia’s regional colors yellow (most of the body) and red.
The 63km (39 mi) long tracks link the town of Villefranche de Conflent to Latour-de-Carol and feature the highest train station France, Bolquère situated at 1,593 meters altitude.
Making its way through the high mountains of French Catalonia the train offers the riders exceptional views of the Têt river valley and the Cerdagne plateau.
The “Yellow Train” has also an interesting history. Its first section between Villefranche and Mont Louis was built between 1903 and 1910. Further sections were added in 1911: Mont Louis-Bourg Madame, and in 1927: Bourg-Madame to Latour-de-Carol.
In its journey this electric train crosses 19 (!) tunnels, 2 remarkable bridges: the Séjourné viaduct and the suspended Gisclard Bridge (named after its architect Albert Gisclard), and reaches a difference in altitude of 1166 meters (3825.45 feet).
The yellow train also holds the record for the highest train in France on metric rail (that is the distance between the two rails is 1m (and not the usual 1.435 m).
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