They Threaten to Dry the Canal du Midi

Saint Ferreol Lake
Saint Ferreol Lake
An interesting article published recently (April 12, 2013) in the « Depeche du Midi » daily claims that a group of business leaders from the department of Tarn, group who campaigns for the construction of a highway between the city of Castre and Toulouse, are threatening to cut off the water supplied by the Lake Saint Ferreol – the 67 hectares and 6.3 million m3 water reserve- to the Canal du Midi, with the goal of drying the Canal!!!!
The reaction of the associations of the canal’s professional skippers is apparently more reassuring: “Of course they can clog the channel of the Black Mountain with two bags of cement, but the dam of Saint Ferreol, the largest pool water is another story. In addition, the channel is at a level roughly constant. When you empty a pool between two locks, other parts continue to operate.”
The real danger lies therefore not so much in hampering the circulation on the Canal but in setting the precedence of attacking this UNESCO Listed monument.
In any case the groups of protesting business leaders are offering 20 tickets to the following rugby match between Bordeaux and Castres Olympique for the picketers who will join them on the dam of Saint Ferreol Lake.
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