The Haunted House of Toulouse

Haunted House of Toulouse
Haunted House of Toulouse
The last haunted house of Toulouse is a massive red brick uninhabited building situated at 1 allée Paul Feuga,on the left bank of the Garonne river near the St. Michel bridge in the “Claude Nougaro” district.
Its architecture of Italian Renaissance style, with exquisitely ornamented windows and stucco decorations, seems inspired by Dante’s house in Florence.
Strange stories related with the house have been circulating since the 19th century. Some of them related that that the house was built on the site of a very ancient scaffold where Christian monks were killed by Roman conquerors or even on the site of a stake where heretic monks were burned during Inquisition times and is now haunted by these tragic victims’ souls.
A more recent story tells that one of the house’s former tenants, a painter, killed one of his female models, who now returns to the house and pokes the tip of her nose through the windows of the building.
In late 1980s, a renowned parapsychologist and specialist in quantum mathematics, Yves Lignon – who founded in 1974 the Parapsychology Laboratory of Toulouse and who is currently the editor of the French Review of Parapsychologie – conducted an investigation of the house. He found here a room decorated in a very special way, most probably a room dedicated to spiritualism dating from the nineteenth century.
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