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Toulouse Capitol
Toulouse Capitol
The Toulouse’s local newspaper, La Depeche, printed today a statistic about the most touristic cities of France and… surprise, with 5.6 millions of visitors per year the “Pink City” occupies an enviable 4th position after, of course, Paris (27 million tourists/year), Lyon and Lourdes both with 6 million tourists but in front of Nice – the “capital” of the Côte d’Azur ( 4.3 millions) – and far ahead of Bordeaux – on the 9th position – visited by “only” 2.7 million visitors each year.
The same article prints also the ranking of the France’s favorite big cities and this time Toulouse occupies the 3rd position after Paris and Bordeaux and in front of Montpellier, Lyon, Nantes etc.
These statistics brought to my mind other ones I have read about not long time ago.
The weekly magazine Le Point published in its January 28 edition a statistic about the spoken French accents and it turns out that Toulouse accent is considered the most…SEXY, with 70,2 % of French thinking that it is “the most charming” of all the accents used in France


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