Southwest of France Little Dictionary – Part III

The rebot is the oldest of all the games of pelota. Still widely practiced today, rebot includes two teams of 5 players, equipped with scoops (called chisteras). The service is done with bare hands.

Roi Léon roi-leon
In Bayonne region everybody knows the song: “Oh Leon, Leon, Leon, King of Bayonne and of idiots”(“”Oh Léon, Léon, Léon, roi de Bayonne et des couillons”). King Leon, symbolized by a giant puppet, is the iconic character of the festivals of Bayonne. It opens every day the festivities.

In Toulouse region having “ruque” (“avoir ruque”) means being in a bad mood.

Sanguette is a classic southwest dish made from the blood of chicken or duck, cooked with rice, some lard, garlic and parsley.

Term used in a “course Landaise” – an ancient form of bullfighting where cows instead of bulls are used – arena, to designate the 1.40 meter barrier located around the track, for the protection of the spectators.

Touron touron
Confectionery traditional in the Pyrenees region, that presents itself as a flavored almond paste. A kind of nougat very popular with gourmets.

Trainière basque fishing boat
Traditional fishing sailing or rowing boat used in the Basque Country since the 18th century to fish for sardines and anchovies

Trou gascon
Short break in the middle of meals at which one drinks a glass of Armagnac, in order to …purify the body and to lift the mood of the guest

“Happy New Year” in Basque

Xahakoa is a Basque word that designates a goatskin bottle (gourde).

“Yo” announces the pelota service. In familiar language it means also “let’s go”.

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