Riquet Festival – The Canal du Midi Founder Celebration

Each year the little village of Bonrepos, some 20km east of Toulouse, in the south west France, celebrates the life of its most famous citizen: Pierre Paul de Riquet, the designer and builder of the Canal du Midi.
The Canal du Midi – this artificial river that makes that navigation possible between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean was at time of its construction an engineering wonder and is now the oldest still in use water channel in Europe.
Riquet, not only lived in Bonrepos from 1652 until his death in 1680 but it is in the park surrounded this residence that he built what he called a “hydraulic machine” that was in fact a giant miniature (yes!) mock-up of the Canal that he experimented with and that made him decide that the building of the Canal was feasible.
The Riquet festival that lasts a whole weekend, through its many animations: baroque dances, choir songs, plays, conferences held in the garden surrounding the Riquet Castle and its adjoining orangery, tries to recreate the life at it was at the chateau during the lifetime of Pierre Paul in the second half of the 17th century.
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Baroque dances in the garden of the Riquet castle:

Costume parade in the garden of the Riquet castle:


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