Principality of Laas in Bearn

Laas Manoir
Laas Manoir
The little town of Laas – population 118 – situated in the Bearn region at the foothills of the Pyrenean Mountains wants to become a Principality!
The project sprouted in the town’s mayor’s head in 2011 and is now represented by the association “Principauté de Laàs en Béarn” that includes several notables of the region (and not only). Two students also have decided to dedicate their master’s thesis to the economic development project of the principality.
The principality should be launched this summer, with the activation of its website. In June there will be appointed fifty ambassadors across five continents. “They will have their diplomatic passport, the flag of the Principality and a bag with a few grams of soil,” says Jacques Pédehontaà, the mayor of Laas – or the “prince”. The principality of Laàs, Béarn will, like any state, have its borders but… “The barriers will always be lifted.”

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