Marmande, the Birth Place of the Tomato Filled Chocolate (and They Call It “Tomato-Choco”)

There are definitely worse way of spending a rainy November afternoon then visiting a chocolate show where some of the best chocolate makers of the southwest of France have gathered and exposed their latest creations (free tasting included!) (:-)).
The “Salon du Chocolat” (Chocolate Fair) opened its doors for three days, from November 16 until November 18 2012, in Marmande, a little town in the Lot-et-Garonne department.
The choice of Marmande as the host of the fair was at a first glance a surprising one since the town is known as the national capital of the…tomato. This very fame brought however about a surprising idea to the famous chocolate maker Serge Couzigou: why not a chocolate filled with …tomato sauce!
Together with another big name in the chocolate industry – Christophe Lancuentre – they formulated a secret tomato filling whose main ingredients are the tomato sauce and the honey.
The tomato filled chocolate whom they baptized “tomato-choco” was to be the emblem of the 2012 Marmande Chocolate Fair.
With its sweet and sourish taste the tomato-choco is a novelty well worth trying. It lacks in our opinion any subtle taste of …tomato, taste which was in our view expected.
Our “coup de coeur” was the bitter chocolate (70%) belonging to the same C.Lancuentre house.
Not only the taste was awesome but the presentation – with the “Pomme d’Amour” statue screen printed on the bar – was also very beautiful.
The most surprising item of the fair was however the – world first and so far only! – chocolate flavoured wine. Born from the original idea of mixing people’s two favorite flavours, the chocolate and the wine, the “VinoCacao” is the “brainchild” of the chocolate maker Frank Maupouet. It combines in a subtle way the flavour of red or white Bordeaux wine with that of the bitter chocolate.

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