“Made in France” Christmas Gift Ideas

Just in time for your Christmas gift list a little suggestion: why not offer a “Made in France” gift, or even more: a posh, high quality present made by a French company with a long manufacturing tradition that was awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” or “Living Heritage Company”.
The “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EVP) is a French government brand label that recognizes the craft skills and manufacturing excellence of a French company. The label is attributed by the French Ministry of Economy to companies that have an economic heritage consisting in a know-how based on traditional production techniques specific to a certain geographical territory.
We compiled for you a list of some “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label bearing companies in the southwest of France that manufacture goods ranging from clothing to sweets, jewelry, cutlery and leather goods and, most importantly, sell their products online.

Here is the list:

“Manufacture Pyrenees” makes the so called “Pyrenean” fabrics and items of clothing. The company was established in Morlas, in the Pyrénées Atlantiques department of France, in 1953 and owns the workshop of Pierre Comet who invented the Pyrenean fabric in the 19th century. His idea was to combine the fibers of wool with cotton and to apply to the fabric the technique of scratching with thistle – commonly used at the time by local peasants.
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“Confiserie Pariès” – chocolate makers and pastry bakers
A veritable institution in the French Basque Country, the Pariès house is the direct descendant of “Bayonne Chocolatiers”.
Founded by Jacques Damestoy in 1895, the house’s chocolate and pastry expertise has made it famous since the dawn of the 20th century.
Beside chocolate the company manufactures also kanougas (soft caramel and chocolate candies speckled with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.), nougat and Muxu (muxu means kiss in Basque language) – a crispy outside biscuit filled with a soft almond paste.
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Kanougas are a speciality of the "Confiserie Pariès"
Kanougas are a speciality of the “Confiserie Pariès”

Laguiole Honor Durand Cutlery – cutlery maker
Laguiole cutlery is very well known and respected in France. In cutlery world Laguiole is the equivalent of Chanel and Dior in haute-couture.
The cutlery was established in the beginning of the 19th century in Laguiole village, nowadays the Aveyron department of the southwest of France.
Each and every knife is hand made from the beginning to the end, with the blade produced out of the in-house made Damascus steel.
(Don’t forget to ask for a dime in exchange to a Laguiole knife gift so not to cut the friendship or the love!)
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“Maison Fabre” is a glove and other leather goods factory founded in 1924 in the town of Millau, the department of Aveyron, by Etienne Fabre.
The factory belongs nowadays to the fourth generation of the Fabre family.
The company creates gloves for the haute-couture houses of Paris and, in her movie “Grace”, Nicole Kidmann did wear gloves made by “Maison Fabre”.
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Gloves created by "Maison Fabre"
Gloves created by “Maison Fabre”

“Causse Gantier” is a glove maker established in 1892 in Millau.
Very attached to the transmission of traditional glove making skills, the company forms its own glove cutters and seamstresses in order to ensure the flawless respect of the house’s century old glove manufacturing process specifications.
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“Atelier Max Capdebarthes” – leather goods
Founded in 1987, the company extends the activity of the “Seriey Capdebarthes” company founded in 1972 by the current president’s parents.
The company produces purses, bags, wallets, leather bracelets, belts as well as leather pen boxes, pen pots, letter trays and other office accessories. The company is located in Sauveterre de Rouergue, in the department of Aveyron.
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Purse by Max Capdebarthes
Purse by Max Capdebarthes

“Rannou – Métivier” – makers of chocolate, biscuits and other sweets
The company, create in 1920, is the beneficiary of “La boutique des soeurs Chartier” itself established in 1872.
In fact the recipes of Chartier sisters was bequeathed to their employee Marie Bugeaud who later married Auguste Métivier, together with whom she launched the brand that will become “Rannou-Métivier”.
The company now specializes in the manufacture of macaroons, chocolates and candied chestnuts.
The company is located in the town of Montmorillon in the department of Vienne
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“L’Arsoie – Cervin” company specializes in the production of high-end 100% silk or lycra stockings and tights.
The company was founded by Auguste Massal in 1920 in the town of Sumne, in the Cevennes, a region known for its silk mills.
Nowadays the company makes also women sweaters, blouses and scarves from silk and cashmere (or other wools).
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“Bijoux Casa-Perez” – makers of Catalan jewelry
The company located in the Pyrenees-Orientales department of the southwest France, in a region famous for garnet jewels, was founded in 1945 and now offers more than 1,400 garnet jewel designs.
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Brooch by "Joyaux Catalan"
Brooch by “Joyaux Catalan”
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