L’Hermione finally sails!

L’Hermione sailing on Charente estuary
After 17 years of construction the frigate l’Hermione has finally sailed in the estuary of Charente last Sunday September 7, 2014.
More than 50,000 curious and history enthusiasts accompanied it from the banks of the river and on more then 1,500 boats as it left the commerce port of the Rochefort – where it was pulled from the docks of the shipyard – and sailed on the river and sea until the Aix Island.
L’Hermione paid tribute to the large crowd gathered with cannon fires.

L’Hermione was the ship that the young general La Fayette boarded on the 21st of March 1780. His mission, backed by king Louis XVI, was to join the American insurgents who were fighting for their independence.
La Fayette arrived in Boston after 38 days at sea and joined the combat alongside general Washington.

Belonging to the category of so-called light frigates, characterized by their speed and maneuverability, the Hermione – a vessel 44.20 meters long and 11 meters wide, was equipped with 26 guns fired cannonballs of 12 pounds.

Since July 1997, the Association Hermione-La Fayette embarked on a great adventure, the reconstruction of the frigate Hermione.
Its sail to America – where there already exist the Friends of Hermione-Lafayette in America association is scheduled for April 2015.

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