A New Lascaux grotto?

Lascaux Painting
A strange but exciting story was reported recently by several French Medias. The story emanates from the office of the mayor of the village of Montignac-sur-Vézère in Dordogne, the very town on whose territory is the location of most famous prehistoric cave in the world: Lascaux, the “Sistine chapel of the pre-history”.
According to the mayor, last August an old lady came to see him and disclosed – at the insistence of her children – that in 1962 (22 years after Lascaux cave was discovered) her husband and his brother, now both deceased, have discovered a new painted cave, on their own property at 4 km as the eagle flies from Lascaux . For fear of having their land expropriated, they preferred to reseal the cave’s entrance and …keep their mouth shut.
Though initially the old lady was not taken too seriously, little by little at her insistences and with the help of some locals who knew the region as the back of their hand more converging elements emerged and now the chances of finding a new painted prehistoric cave in the region are described by the mayor as being “3 out of 10”.
In the following months the Montignac-sur-Vézère town-hall and the Cultural Affairs Department of Aquitaine Region will prepare a plan for the re-discovery of the grotto. Already a 10ha perimeter was established and is discretely surveyed for preventing the shovel and pickaxe equipped “enthusiasts” of taking the unearthing into their own hands.
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