Grand Raid of Pyrenees

Pic du Midi de Bigorre
Pic du Midi de Bigorre
Each year during the second half of August , trails and forest roads around the Pic du Midi de Bigorre become part of the loop-shaped route of “Grand Raid of Pyrenees” – a foot race in the high mountain of the Haute-Pyrenees department of the south west of France.
This is a herculean course reserved to seriously trained athletes but also a wonderful journey that allows one to discover several mountain ranges and breathtaking landscapes.
The race has 3 levels:
– Grand : a course of 80 km and with a difference in elevation of 5,000 m
– Ultra : a course of 160 km and with a difference in elevation of 10,000 m
– Raid : a course of 240 km and with a difference in elevation of 15,000 m
The Raid race is not only the most difficult in terms of distance and difference in elevation but also unlike in the case of the Grand and Ultra races no resupplying is provided by the organizers to its participants with the exception of water available every 6 hours (the distance is calculated for the slowest competitors).
This year, 2013, the competition started on Wednesday August 21st. The first Raid runners are expected to arrive Saturday morning after 3 days of running and marching in case of some without taking any break.

The competition is open to adults and after registration only. The maximum number of participants is 750.
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