Charity/Vintage Shops of Bordeaux and Toulouse

Vide grenier
Vide grenier

Recently I was asked for information about vintage/charity shops in Bordeaux and Toulouse.
And I thought, why not writing a blog post about this subject, after all what better way to get to know intimately a country or region than to visit antique shops, browse the merchandise of vintage/charity shops or find your heart’s desire – trouver son bonheur -at the flea market.
There are many flea markets and vintage shops in Bordeaux and Toulouse.
The vintage shops (for clothes) are called here “friperies” and the cross between a flea market (itself called “marché des pouces”) and a yard sale is called “vide grenier” (translated literally “clean your attic”!).

Some “friperies” in or near center of Bordeaux:
“Ding Fring” , 89, cours Victor Hugo, open from Tuesday to Saturday
“Elsa pop vintage” , 74 Rue Camille Sauvageau, open from Tuesday to Saturday
“Dirty Rags”, 10 rue des Ayres
There is also the famous flea market in Place Saint Michel every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Some “fripperies” in or near the center of Toulouse:
GruchO: 39, rue Peyrolières et 5, rue St Rome 31000 Toulouse a vintage shop that sells clothing and accessories dating from 1800 to 1970!!!
Several closing vintage shops near the very center of Toulouse – Place du Capitole – on rue peyrolieres, rue cujas, rue de la bourse.
The flea market of Saint Sernin held on Sunday morning that temporarily moved on allées Jules-Guesde and Paul-Feuga.

France has also well-known second-hand stores – the equivalent of “Salvation Army” – called “Emmaüs” and “Secours Catholique” boutique solidaire. Many are located near the center of the towns.

Last but not least French people have a real passion for “les vide greniers”. As soon as the weather is improving in spring these “vide greniers” are held everywhere, from big cities to the smallest villages, whole streets or neighborhoods set up stalls outside and people sell their personal stuff: books, clothes, kitchenware, baby stuff, household items, you name it!
You can find the calendar of such events on

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