Bruch Medieval Festival

While driving on the Bordeaux- Agen motorway, one can notice the faraway Bruch village’s tower dominating the surrounding plains and mild hills, another reminder of the medieval life that flourished in Aquitaine in centuries long past.
From near the tower looks even more imposing and its height and sleek semicircular form impresses the viewer.
The tower – the most dashing part of Bruch’s fortifications – was built in 13th century as the watch post above the main entrance of the town.
The town of Bruch however existed since roman times when it was a mere stop on the “via Aquitania”, the roman road that was linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.
Like the majority of all the towns of the south west of France, Bruch has a rich history that includes more than a century and a half of English domination ( 1286 – 1453), taking part in the religions wars of the 16th centuries and its the French Revolution role in the 18th century when it becomes a revolutionary headquarter.
Each year, in May, Bruch celebrates its middle age history with the “Medieval Festival of Bruch”. It is an event that takes place during a whole weekend and includes animations like: chivalry tournaments, medieval music, falconry, archery, etc.
It is not to be missed activity for any tourist in the region during this time of the year.

Here are some of the highlights of the 2013 edition:

Chivalry Tournament by “Les Lions de Guerre”

Medieval Music by “Les Compagnons du Gras Jambon”

Chivalry Tournament by “Les Lions de Guerre”

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