Bordeaux – Top European Travel Destination 2015

Bordeaux won this year the prestigious title “European Best Destination 2015”. The competition that included well-known “giants” like London, Rome, Amsterdam and Brussels counted 244,696 votes. From these votes 42,396 went to Bordeaux, 37,621 to Lisbon on the second place, Athens on the third place, Malta etc.
The contest was organized – like every year – by “European Best Destination” a travel organization based in Belgium.

Bordeaux Water Mirror and “Place de la Bourse”

Bordeaux water mirror
The steam covered “Water Mirror” is a playground for children and adults alike

Bordeaux Grand Theatre
The Grand theatre of Bordeaux dates from 1780. Its front features 12 Corinthian columns, each with a statue above. The statues represent nine muses and three goddesses of ancient mythology (left to right): Euterpe (music) , Urania ( astronomy) , Venus ( goddess of love ) , Calliope ( epic poetry and eloquence ) , Terpsichore (dance), Melpomene ( tragedy ) , Thalia ( comedy ) , Polyhymnia ( rhetoric ) , Juno ( goddess of fertility ) , Minerva ( goddess of War ) , Erato ( lyric ) and Clio

Bordeaux  Pey Berland Square
Bordeaux City Hall is located in the ancient Rohan Palace – built in between 1771 and 1784, in neoclassical style, by the Archbishop of Bordeaux Maximilen de Rohan

bordeaux saint michel flèche
Bordeaux, Porte de Bourgogne and the bell tower of Saint Michel Basilica. The 114 meters tower that stands next to the main basilica building was erected in the 16th century and is still the tallest structure in Bordeaux. It is usually called “Saint Michel Flèche” or the “Saint Michel Arrow”

Bordeaux Public Garden
Bordeaux Public Garden – The garden was created in “à la française” style between 1746 and 1756 by the landscape architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel after the fashion of the gardens of Versailles

Bordeaux Pont de Pierre
Bordeaux Pont de Pierre – or the “Stone Bridge” was built between 1810 and 1822. It connects the two banks of the Garonne River.

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