Bordeaux’s Record Breaking Bridge

Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridgeAnother record breaking for Bordeaux: the largest vertical lift bridge in Europe. The bridge that links Bacalan and Bastide sections of the city (some already call it Ba-Ba bridge!) entered in service today Monday, March 18th 2013 after 3 days of festivities including a visit from the French president François Hollande on Saturday March 16th.
The bridge has a total length of 575 meters with a 433 meters middle deck and a 117 meters movable segment that can be lifted up to 55 meters to allow cruise and other big ships to enter deeper the Gironde estuary.
The bridge described as an “architectural masterpiece” was designed by Michel Virlogeaux, the same engineer who designed the Millau viaduct. It bears the name of Jacques Chaban-Delmas who was Bordeaux’s mayor during 48 years.
There is already published a timetable of the tall ships that will pass under the bridge the first being the cruise ship “L’Astor” that will sail under the bridge on the 1st of April at 11:00 am.

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