Agde Throughout the Centuries

Agde and its “sister” Cap d’Agde are towns situated in Herault department, Laguedoc-Rouissillon region of south west of France.
With its palm trees bordered roads and beautiful marina Cap d’Agde is a renowned resort on the French Mediterranean Coast.
Agde is the 3rd oldest town of France, after Beziers and Marseillan, being founded by Greek navigators in the 5th century BC. Agde is also the terminus point of the Canal du Midi – the famous now UNESCO listed man made river built in the 17th century – whose waters connect to those of the river Herault just above Adge, and 4 Km further flow in the Mediterranean Sea at Le Grau d’Agde.
Each year in the beginning of June the town of Agde celebrates its history during a 2 days event called: “Agde au fil du temps” (“Agde throughout the centuries”). In 2013 it was the 7th edition of this festival.
It is really an impressive work that different volunteer organizations put in place to recreate – as much as it is possible – the town’s 2600 years of history.
During a weekend the historic town center of Agde becomes a stage shared between different companies who enact the town’s – day to day and merriment – life as it was throughout the centuries: antiquity, Middle Ages, renaissance, French Revolution times, “Belle Epoque”.
A much enjoyed feature is also the parade – that relates less with the history of the town than with its nowadays cultural links.

Renaissance Dance (sorry for the wind noise!)

The Belle Epoque

Adge Parade (a not so historical highlight of the fest)

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