A New Way to Visit France

Motor Coach
…By Motor Coach
Until now going from one city to another by coach in France was, due to the very limited offer, a peripheral choice .
Thanks to the new laws the intercity bus service is exploding.
The first coach line to play by the new rules is Isilines that already proposes 17 routes linking France’s biggest cities: like the routes Paris-Lyon, Brest-Nanates, Paris-Strasbourg or Toulouse-Marseille.
Other companies offering this type of transportation services are iDBUS, Megabus, Starshipper or Flixbus.
The appeal of these new coach lines is the price. Isilines offers one way tickets on any route in France starting from €5 (during specific periods of the year and with reservation made long time in advance). Another example is the route Paris-Lille a trip of 225km (140mi) that pricewise starts at €9.
On the other hand the trips by bus take usually (much) longer than by train.
To be sure of making the right choice when looking for a coach to take you around France, you can visit online comparators specially dedicated to this mode of transportation such as Comparabus or kelbus.fr.
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