A New Designation for French Restaurants

15 of the greatest French chefs members of the famous “College Culinaire de France” are launching a new restaurant appellation “Fait Maison” or “Home Made”.
Considering that from around 150,000 French restaurants 3/4 are believed to buy semi-prepared foods and just finish their cooking in-house (and not forget the presentation!!!), the “fait maison” label will distinguish the culinarians who make the effort to prepare their dishes from scratch and from fresh ingredients.
The “College Culinaire de France” chefs are already setting up some basic guidelines – easy to spot things that anybody, who wants to know what exactly is on their plate, should pay attention when eating in a restaurant – that include:

  • the number of dishes on the menu – it is impossible to cook more then 10 types of dishes in a “home made” style, except in very large structures
  • and the match between the season of the year and the produce used as ingredients

To obtain the appellation of “Fait Maison” (or “Restaurant de qualité”) a restaurant chef candidate has to display transparency in his/her process of obtaining the ingredients and their cooking.
The restaurant needs first to obtain the unanimity of the “College Culinaire de France” members.
Then to maintain the “Fait Maison” label it has to acquire at least 75% of satisfaction from its clients, who can vote by internet, as well as to continue it’s recognition by the above college.

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