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The village of Lautrec

Plus Beaux Villages de France

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The picturesque village of Lautrec, situated in the Tarn department of southwestern France, is a member of "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" organization and the ancestral home of the painter's Henri Toulouse-Lautrec family (the painter who was a descendent of the Count de Toulouse most probably never visited it).
The town that was fortified in the 13th century occupies the top of a hill called "Colline de la Salette".
From its fortifications Lautrec still preserves some walls and the impressive gate called "Porte de la Caussade".
The architectural symbol of Lautrec is however the flour windmill built in the 17th century (and restored in the ‘90s) on the location of an older mill dating from the 14th century.
The oldest building in the village is its church. It dates from 1394 and was built due to the efforts of the abbot Guillaume Ermengaud. Until the French Revolution its name was "Sainte-Marie de la Paix". Now the church is dedicated to Saint Remy, the saint who converted King Clovis to Christianity.
Lautrec is also known as the capital of pink garlic (ail rose). This variety of garlic, sweeter and more subtle then its white cousin, has its own yearly festival day - the first Friday of August - and also its brotherhood: "La Confrérie de l’Ail rose" (see our gastronomy section for recipies with pink garlic).

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