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The Maurand House

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While not exactly a cathar tourist attraction like the cathar castles or the monuments that celebrate the victory over Catharism, the Maurand House is an interesting building even only because of its age: it was built in the 12th century and with some modification is not only still standing but is now the home of the Graduate School of Broadcasting.
The house was in the 12th century the property of Peyre Maurand a rich dignitary of Toulouse that was in the same time one of the leaders of the local cathars.
During the years of cathar persecution Peyre Maurand is forced to renounce his religion and to embrace Catholicism.
The history does not record if he remained Catholic for the rest of his life but what is known is that one of his sons not only was a Cathar "Perfecti" but also died in Montsegur in March 1244.
In 1363 the house was old to Cardinal Helie de Talleyrand -Perigord who sets up here a college.

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Address:56 rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse
Web Site:
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