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Sorde Monastery

UNESCO Heritage List

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The Saint Jean de Sorde monastery, that we can see today, was built in the 17th century on the place of an abbey founded by the Benedictine monks in the 11th century – or as some believe by Charlemagne in the 9th century - , abbey that was a stop for the pilgrims on the “ Turonensis” road to Saint James de Compostela, in Spain. The abbey was in its turn built on the remains of an even older Gallo-Roman villa dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. The monastery is now listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage along with all other monuments on the routes to Saint James de Compostela. The Sorde’s stop is mentioned by Aimery Picaud who wrote towards the middle of the 12th century in “The Pilgrim Guide” about the meanness of Pau and Oloron rivers ferry people: “In fact, although these rivers are close, these people require every man, poor or rich, a coin and a horse (four. However, their small boat is made of a single tree trunk, barely able to carry horses . You will do well to keep your horse by the bridle behind you in the water (...) and you will embark with few passengers, because if the boat is too loaded, it immediately capsizes”. The Saint Jean de Sorde monastery is famous for is underground 70meters long tunnel which is unique in France.

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Address:40300, Sorde l'Abbeye
Longitude: -1.0549
Visiting Hours:Open from March 1st to November 30.
Closed on Monday.
Guided visits only.


Added by: Richard Moody Added on: 18 Feb 2016

Please confirm that there will be a guided tour of the Monastery at Sorde L'Abbaye at 15h00 Jeudi le 3 Mars for 3 personnes.

Merci Bien.

Added by: Richard Moody Added on: 18 Feb 2016

We will be 3 English speakers from Salies de Bearn


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