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Listed as Great Site of Midi-Pyrenees

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Sorèze and its abbey is listed - together with the Saint Ferréol lake - as on of the important tourist sites of the Midi-Pyrenees region of southwest France - Grandes Sites de Midi-Pyrenees.
The location of the present days little town of Soréze was chosen by Pepin of Aquitaine, king of Aquitaine and grandson of Charlemagne, as the founding site of a Benedictine abbey. The abbey was first destroyed in the 10th century by the Normans and later in the 16th century during the Religious Wars.
The same way as following the destructions by the Normans the abbey was rebuilt in the 17th century and in October 1682 a Benedictine monk called Dom Jacques Hoddy opened here a school for the impoverished children.
In time the reputation of the Sorèze alma mater increased and during the reign of Louis XVI it became one of the 12 most important royal military schools of the kingdom.
During the French Revolution the school was closed and the monastic life dissolved.
While the school was opened again at the beginning of the 19th century the Dominican monks took over the college directorship after 50 years.
The school finally closed in 1991.
Nowadays its buildings are transformed into exhibition and concert halls - most outstanding being the "Musiques des Lumiéres" classical music festival held each year in July.

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