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San Juan Bautista Church

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The Church of San Juan Bautista - or Saint Jean le Baptiste - is known for its seventeenth-century altarpiece of gilded wood, probably the greatest in French Pays Basque and the memory of an exceptional event: the marriage here of the French kings Louis XIV and the Infanta Maria Teresa of Spain, June 9 1660.
According to the memorial plaque on the exterior wall the door the pair entered the church was forever walled up being considered that no other human being is worthy enough to enter again through the same entrance as the royal pair!
In reality the church was rebuilt between 1649 and 1680 - it was under construction at the time of the marriage celebration!- on the place of a church founded in the first millennium AD but destroyed by fires, wars and time.
The church was classified a historical monument in 1931.

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Address:7 Rue de l'Eglise, Saint Jean de Luz
Web Site:
Visiting Hours:


Added by: Tina Added on: 01 Mar 2013

rally impresive inside - rather humble outside!


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