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Sainte Marie Cathedral

UNESCO Heritage List

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The first stones of the new Auch Cathedral were laid on the 14th of July 1489, but the cathedral was consecrated only on the 12th of February 1548 while not yet completely finished.
The construction will only conclude almost two centuries after its start in 1680 with the completion of the façade decoration.
As a result of its construction extending over a long period of time the cathedral mixes the Gothic, Renaissance and Classic architectural styles.
The cathedral, a massive 100 meters long, 40 meters wide and 44 meters high building, is the symbol of Auch and due to its emplacement of the upper part of the town can be seen from a long distance by travelers coming to the city. The most remarkable features of the interior of the cathedral are:
The 113 oak carved choir stalls, featuring more then 1 500 biblical characters
The 18 stained glass windows, work of master glassworker Arnaud de Moles,are considered as unique masterpieces and were created between 1507 and 1513. They present scenes from the Old and the New Testament.
The pipe organ built by Jean de Joyeuse between 1690 and 1694, the only 17th century pipe organ completely preserved in its original form.
The entombment sculpture in the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre dating from the 16th century.

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