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Saint Jean d'Angle Castle

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The history records that Saint Jean d'Angle Castle was built in 1180 by Guillaume de Lusignan and his wife Denise d'Angle who brought the land as her dowry. The castle's primary role was to protect the salted marshlands that were and still are surrounding it, salt being at the time a very precious commodity.
The House of Lusignan reamined in history as turbulent but powerful vassals of the French king, who participated in the third Crusades along such famous personalities as Richard the Lionheart, and whose members of the main branch ruled the kingdoms of Jerusalem, Cyprus, and Armenia, from the 12th through the 15th centuries.
According to the legend the House of Lusignan was established by Raymondin of Poitou who unknowingly married the fairy Melusine, a beautiful woman who was transforming herself from waist down into a snake each Saturday evening - time when her husband could not see her. After many years and ten children together Melusine's secret is discovered by Raymondin and in shame she flies through a window never to be seen again (save the full moon nights when she hovers Saint Jean d'Angle castle! ).
In the beginning of the 17th century the castle's owner Charlotte Saint Gelais de Lusignan proceeds to thoroughly renovate the castle adding the stone bridge, creating spacious rooms with big windows and even adding close stools.
The castle is listed as a Historic Monument since 1994.

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Visiting Hours:From April 1st to November 3rd every day from 10:30am to 7pm


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