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Saint Etienne Cathedral

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It is believed that Saint Etienne Cathedral was initially a church built in the 4th century AD on the location of an old roman pagan temple. The first official mention of the church is found in the charter of rights given in 844 by King Charles II, grand son of Charlemagne, to the churches of Toulouse. The church goes through a significant rebuilding process in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, when the old roman church is replaced with a "meridional gothic" style structure. The exceptional size of the nave - that dates since the beginning of the 13th century - is due to the historical context of the construction time, a time of the crusade against the cathars when it was hoped that the more people the church can accommodate inside the more will hear the Catholic preaching and will stir away from heresy. Throughout the centuries different bishops with unique views on how to build a magnificent cathedral will start - the last time in 1911 - without brining to a close different renovation projects. Saint Etienne Cathedral offers in fact an interesting example of a medieval architectural styles blend.

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Address:Place Saint-Étienne 31000 Toulouse
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