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Roquetaillade Castle

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Masterpiece of feudal and Renaissance architecture, the Roquetaillade castle - Roquetaillade means rock cutting - was initally built at the order of the English King Eduard 1 (at a time when Aquitaine region was under English crown)and is owned since the 14th century by the same family.
Pearched as many fortresses on the top of a hill the very way through the English style park leading to the castle makes a pleasant short walk.
For movie lovers: Roquetaillade Castle was used for shooting films like Brotherhood of the Wolf , the TV Serie Highlander, and Fantômas contre Scotland Yard. The castle has also its own wineyard and produces AOC (Appelation d'Origine Controlee) Graves wine that can be tasted at the Castle.

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Address:Situated close to the village of Mazères, Gironde at around 40Km South East of Bordeaux
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