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Répudre Bridge Channel

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The Répudre bridge channel, built in 1676, is the first aqueduct bridge built by Pierre Paul de Riquet and the first of its kind in the world.
It is name this way because it crosses the little creek of Répudre at the border between the the communal territories of Paraza and Ventenac.
It is a backcountry location but worth a detour.
The little town of Ventenac - population just over 500 - is situated on the hill overlooking the "Canal du Midi" and the plains of the Aude valley. The place was inhabited since Roman times and it was they, the Romans, who gave the town the name Aventinus from where Ventenac name derives.
Ventenac territory is famous for producing one of the best wines of Narbonne region and one of the points of interest of the village is the big wine cellar and the wine museum on the banks of the Canal du Midi.
According to the local legend the village and its environments are protected from hail by the spirit of its former priest Alexandre Planton, who died in 1836, but whose photo still exists bearing on its back the inscription: " as long as you do not forget me your fields are protected from hail"!(source:

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Address:Ventenac, Aude
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