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Quinconces Square

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Quinconces, the largest square in Europe,is situated on the Garonne's banks.
It features the monument of the Girondins and the 2 monumental columns of 21 meters each, erected in 1828 and dedicated to the marine and the commerce.
The monument of Girondins - the Girondins were the moderate parlamentary faction during the French revolution, faction named so because some of its memebers were from La Gironde department- is a 50 meters column erected between 1893 and 1902. It represents through its bottom sculptures the victory of "Concorde" and of the Republic. On the pinnacle of the column sits the statue that represents the Liberty breaking its chains. Notice also on the side of the monument (to be viewed in the photo gallery) the Gallic rooster (French: le coq gaulois) the unofficial national symbol of France as a nation!
The Quinconces Square was built on the place of a former fortification called Chateau Trompette.This fortification was built by Charles VII for controlling the access to the Garonne, after his victory in 1453 over English at Castillon, victory that effectivelly ended the Hundread Years War. Château Trompette was rebuilt during Vauban times and under his supervision but destroyed later in 1818.

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Address:Esplanade des Quinconces; Bordeaux 32000
Web Site:
Latitude: 44.8454
Longitude: -0.5760
Visiting Hours:


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