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Pont d'Espagne

Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées

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The site called "Pont d'Espagne" in the French Pyrenees takes its name from the stone bridge built here in 1886 to ease the passage of travelers from France to Spain.
The site is also the entrance in the National Parc of the Pyrenees, the oldest French national park that spreads on 100km from east to west. The bridge called "Pont d'Espagne" is situated at 1,496 meters altitude at the confluence of the torrents of Marcadau and Gaube.
The site was a popular destination of the French society even before the modern tourism. The most famous visitor was probably Queen Hortense of Holland (step-daughter and sister-in-law of Napoleon) who came here in 1807.

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Visiting Hours:It is open during summer only. For more information go to the web site.


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