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Place de La Bourse and the Water Mirror

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"Place de la Bourse" and "Le miroir d'eau" are among the emblematic places of Bordeaux. Place de la Bourse situate between quay "Maréchal Lyautey" and the quay “de la Douane” is an architectural masterpiece of the 18th Century created by Ange-Jacques Gabriel during the reign of King Louis XV.
In the middle of the square in 1869 was placed the Fountain of the Three Graces.
Since 2006 in front of the square there has been placed the biggest water mirror of the world (3450 square meters), work of the architect Jean-Max Llorca.
Between the water mirror and the "Place de la Bourse" there was created the "Garden of the Lights" (Jardin des Lumières) a favorite walking and resting place for the bordelais.

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Address:Place de la Bourse, 33000 Bordeaux
Visiting Hours:The water mirror pool runs every day from 10h to 22h following the cycle: 3 min fill, 15 minutes of mirror, 5 minutes drain and 3 minutes of fog.


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