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Pierrefitte Menhir


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The menhir of Pierrefitte, situated on the Dordogne valley on the territory of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens village some 42km (26mi) east of Bordeaux, is one of the biggest in the southwest of France. It has a height of 5.20 meters, a maximal width of 3 meters and a thickness of 1,5 meters. Its estimated weight is 50 tones.
Because the region was populated since Neolithic times the menhir is most probably between 4600 and 4300 years old.
On one of its sides at about 70cm above the ground there is a circular "offerings" hole dug during the Middle Ages. At the time this standing stone was marking the limit of the jurisdiction of Saint Emilion
According to the legend the menhir is bringing happiness and prosperity to those who touch it and long love to the sweethearts who come here together.
Even nowadays, every summer solstice, people come and sing and dance around the menhir and some write on a piece of paper their wishes and, making a small boat out of the paper, lance it on the water of the near by Dordogne river.

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Added by: Andrew Beint Added on: 10 Aug 2016

... so the menhir is actually approximately 42km to the EAST of Bordeaux.


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