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Peyrepertuse Castle - A Cathar Fortress

Cathar Castle

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After Carcassonne the most important fortress Cathar and one of the five "sons" of Carcassonne fortress - along with Queribus, Puilaurens, Termes and Aguilar.
It is situated on a 800m high rocky promontory above the village of Duilhac - population 90 ! - and only around 5 Km from another cathar fortress - Queribuss. On a clear day from its highest point you can see the Mediterranean see. It is easily accessible.
During the crusade the castle is owned by the heretic sympathizer Guillaume de Peyrepertuse. The castle falls into the crusaders hands on the 16th of November 1240 and becomes a border protection stronghold.

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Address:11 350 Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse, Aude
Visiting Hours:February to April 10am to 6pm.
May to June and September 10am to 7pm.
July and August 9am to 8pm.
October to December 10am to 6pm.


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