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Perpignan Citadel

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Perpignan citadel is one of the largest surviving citadels in France. It contains in one of its "demi-lunes" built by Vauban the Palace of the Kings of Majorca who were the first to build a stronghold on this site.
The palace - a gothic style structure - was built in the last part of the 13th century by the king Jacques II of Majorca.
In 1349 the kingdom of Majorca becomes a part of the kingdom of Aragon under King Pedro IV of Aragon.
Between 1538 and 1587 Emperor Charles V and his son Philippe II surrounded Perpignan by strong red bricks walls.
After the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659 Vauban fortifies further the place by adding 6 "demi- lunes" (from which only two remain), a covered way and the interior barracks for the garrison.

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Address:Rue des Archers - 66000 PERPIGNAN
Web Site:
Visiting Hours:Open all day of the year except January 1, November 1 and December 25
September 1st to May 31st: Open from 9am to 5pm
June 1st to September 30th: Open from 10am to 6pm


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