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Périgueux Old Town

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Périgueux old town surrounds the Saint Front cathedral.
It is a network of narrow streets, large - by the standards of the time of their formation - squares (now used by the many restaurants terraces), and tall (again by the standard of the times their were built) houses, some - like the Gamanson residence - topped with a multitude of differently shaped turrets.
The houses mostly built in the 15th and 16th centuries bear witness to the opulence of Périgueux in that period.
The oldest monument is the Mataguerre tower built in the 12th century and the only remaining bastion of the old fortification.
One of the most remarkable buildings is the so called Gamanson residence (known also as Saint Front residence). The house was built between the 12th and the 16th century, following a U shape plan. Its charged but not unharmonious construction attests to 4 centuries of architectural style changes. The name Gamanson comes from the name of the family that owned the house in the 19th century.
Another outstanding building is the House of the Patissier, called this way after its 19th century owner, and located at one corner of the Saint Louis Square. Its most impressive feature is its tympanum or the sculpture above the entrance door that represents a shell and an inscription that reads "…the biggest glory is to displease the wicked. House built in 1518 with the help of Almighty".

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