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Oleron Citadel

UNESCO Heritage List

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The building of the citadel started in 1630 during the reign of King Louis XIII. Later during Louis XIV in 1666 when the decision was made to build the biggest ship yard of the kingdom in Rochefort the need came to reinforce its protection and therefore the need to reinforce the citadel. This task was handed first to Louis Nicolas de Clerville - a famous fortification engineer of the time mostly known under the name of Chevalier de Clerville. When in 1677 Clerville died the project was taken over by Vauban. Vauban had different ideas from Clerville and his project of reinforcement of the citadel included some distruction of the work - the second enceinte of the citadel - of the Chevalier. Vauban delegated the actual work to Francois Ferry an outstanding military engineer of the time. With its beautiful, balanced and powerful appearance the citadel is a fine example of a Vauban fortification.

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