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Perched on a rocky outcrop between the valleys of Dure and Alzeau rivers, Montolieu, an ancient fortified village, is nowadays known as the "Village of Books": it counts no less than 15 bookshops (for a population of under 800 inhabitants!). The bookshops are specialized in rare, limited editions, second-hand and antiquaries' books - some in English language.
The village features also a "Book Arts and Crafts" museum that relates the history of handwriting and typography.
The existence of Montolieu village was recognized in 1146 by Roger Trincavel, Viscount of Béziers and Carcassonne who gave the settlement that existed on the site since Roman occupation times the name Montolieu from the name "Mont des Oliviers" - "Mount of Olives" - of Jerusalem.
An important historic monument of Montolieu is its church dedicated to Saint André. The church was built starting from the 14th century on the location of an older church whose existence was attested in the 10th century.
The nowadays church whose 38 meters high bell tower can be seen from a long distance when approaching Montolieu was renovated several times throughout the centuries but most of the decorations and the main gateway date from the second part of the 18th century. Saint André church of Montolieu is listed as a Historic Monument since 1972.
Montolieu is situated in Aude department at only 16km Northwest of Carcassonne.

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