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Monflanquin is a "bastide" situated in the North West of the Lot-et-Garonne department.
The village is listed as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of France" ("Les plus Beaux villages de France").
It is situated on the top of a hill that dominates the surrounding plains and can be seen from a long distance by the tourists coming to the village.
Monflanquin was founded in 1256 by Alphonse de Poitier, brother of Saint Louis, who founded during his lifetime 50 bastides in the region between the rivers Dordogne and Garonne.
A bastide represented, at the time, a new type of urbanization, with the village having a central square and strait roads, as well as being an administrative center of a geographical area. A bastide was ruled by councilors, selected every year, who were forming a so called "Jurade"
During the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) the Monflanquin changed hands several times and at one point, according to the legend, Edward Woodstock, Prince of Wales and Seneschal of Guyenne stayed in the town in a house called now "The Black Prince's House".
During the religious wars of the end of the 16th century Monflanquin became of hotbed of Huguenots. In 1569 a Protestant army under the command of Balthazar de Thoiras, one of the leaders of the League of the region, burned down the church and the Augustine convent.
The town is used also by Protestant (at the time!) Henri de Navarre, future King Henri IV of France, who installs here a governor whom he directs from his Court in Nerac.
Nowadays Monflanquin celebrates its medieval past with an yearly mid-summer Medieval Festival. For pictures from the 2016 edition click here

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Address:47150 Monflanquin
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