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Moirax is situated only 10 km south of Agen, the departmental capital of Lot-et-Garonne.
While according to some historians the place was occupied since antiquity, its real history starts in 1049, when Guillaume Arnauld, the local landlord donates some land for the construction of a Clunisien priory.
The construction of the church starts only in 1060 and lasts until 1140!
The Moirax priory becomes also an important stop of the Saint Jacques de Compostelle pilgrims and a "sauveté"- a boarding house for the medieval people chased from their villages by different wars.
The village that grows around the church and the priory itself suffer during the Hundred Years War and the religious Wars.
In 1569 the warlord and chronicler Blaise de Monluc, who came to the region to defend it from Huguenot armies, describes Moirax as being a fortified place surrounded by high walls (from these walls there are still remaining parts as seen in the gallery photo).
The Notre Dame de Moirax church, a beautiful illustration of the Romanesque style, was renovated several times throughout the centuries but its architecture preserves the main lines of the original building. It was declared a historic monument in 1846.

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Address:47310 Moirax
Visiting Hours:


Added by: ALan Added on: 06 Jan 2014

It is a very very interesting very old church. The FRench backcountry.


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