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Miremont Pastry Shop

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The Miremont pastry shop/tearoom is a historic monument - declared as such by French Ministry of Culture in 2006 - and listed as one of the ONLY 10 of France's historic tearooms by Lonely Planet.
Miremont tearoom was created in 1872 by Etienne Singer but taken over in 1880 by Joseph Miremont who gave the establishment the name it bears to this day.
Miremont is a Biarritz institution. During the "Bellé Epoque" - the golden era of Biarritz - it was the meeting place for Europe's crowned heads like King Edward VII of England - who was coming every year to Biarritz - , the King of Spain Alfonso XIII - who made Miremont the "Purveyor to the Royal Household of Spain", Queen Nathalie of Serbia or Queen Amelia of Portugal.
The tabloid press of the time was reporting how the young King Alfonso XIII of Spain (1886 –1931) with his wife Queen Victoria and their children Jaime, Beatrice and Christine and their retinue - all wearing Basque berets - were seen having lunch at Miremont.
Miremont's interior is decorated with stucco, mosaic and mirror paneling all that are still the original dating from 19th century. The entrance is decorated in a Moresque style with Arab lettering. The best sitting places are at the back of the store next the glass wall that allows a breathtaking view of the Biarritz bay.
A treat your eyes and your taste buds!

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Address:1 Bis, place Clemenceau, Biarritz 64200
Web Site:
Visiting Hours:Besides regular sweet treats, hungry travelers can brunch until 2:30pm but one can also have snack any time of the day (sandwiches, quiche or tortillas with fresh salad). Open every day of the year.


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