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Lombrives Cave

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The Lombrives Cave belongs to a network of caves of the valley of Vicdessos in Ariege.
With its length of 40 km is recorded in The Guinness Book of Records for more than 20 years.
The cave combines outstanding speleothems with the mysterious aura that different legends have given it.
The cave that has 7 level, from which only 2 are accessible to the tourists, was inhabited- as attested by a multitude of artifacts found inside - during the prehistoric times.
In antiquity the legend wants that the lost love of the legendary hero Hercules, Pyréne found her death in the cave and was buried there - hence the name "Tombeau de Pyréne" given to a stalagmite.
In the middle ages the cave was considered a place of refuge.
Some historians believe that the Lombrives Cave was the last refuge of the cathars after the fall of all their "above the ground" strongholds and that the very last members of this religion were killed in 1328 inside the cave's gigantic chamber - 107 meters high - that they have given the name "The Cathedral"
A documented fact is that in 1298, 3 men were decapitated in the cave as punishment for making false money.
During the religious wars the cave was used alternately by Catholics and Protestants and even Henri IV came to visit it.
The cave can be visited only with a guide at specific times during the day.

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Address:Address: Usat-les-Bains, 09400 Tarascon sur Ariege
Visiting Hours:The cave can be visited only in a guided tour and only at specific times. See website for details.


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