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Limeuil village stands out not only as one of the member of the "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" but through its history. One of the most remarkable points of interest of Perigord is Limeuil old parish church.
Situated near the entrance in the village, this simple style chapel was built in 1194 on the order of King Richard 1st the Lionheart. It is dedicated - as written on one of the stone tablets still preserved on the left interior wall and that was layed on the 30th of January 1194 - to many saints including Thomas Becket, described as Archbishop and Martyr, the priest killed by Richard's father King Henry II.
The second church of the village is the Saint Catherine church built in the 14th and 15th century on the site of an older church dating from the 12century. Here we must add that old Limeuil was a port town and Saint Catherine is the Saint patron of the sailors!
There are other interesting points in the village like the House of Justice - used to discipline the unruly boatmen, the house above the arch that used to have doors and that was the division point between the Lower Limeuil and the Upper Limeuil and the 15th century Récluzou gateway.
One of the well known love stories of the 15th century has as a protagonist a "Limeuilloises" Isabeau de Limeuil. This noble and beautiful woman born in Limeuil was living at the Paris court being a maid of honor to Queen Catherine de Medicis.
It was during the religious wars and Isabeau, a Catholic, became around 1562 at the suggestion of the Queen the mistress of the Protestant leader Louis Ier de Bourbon, prince de Condé, with the hidden agenda of bringing him into the folds of the Catholic Church.
She not only fails in this but also falls in love with Conde and gives birth to his illegitimate son - the actual birth takes place in the Queen's dressing room* and therefore cannot be hidden.
Isabeau destiny turned out to be not as cruel as one might think for a girl who has "sinned". After a spell in the monastery she marries the richissime Italian banker Scipion Sardini with whom she lives happily ever after.
*Memories of the Saint-Simon Duke.

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