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Lescar Cathedral - The necropolis of the kings of Navarre

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The Notre-Dame cathedral of Lescar was built initially built in the first part of the 12th century. It is a remarkable roman art masterpiece.
The cathedral is the resting place of the Kings of Navarre. Among them Francois Phoebus dead in 1483 - the first Navarre King to rule over united territories of French Navarre, Spanish Navarre, Bearn and the County of Foix -, Marguerite d'Angouleme the famous writer, sister of King Francois I and grand-mother of King Henri IV, dead in 1549 and Henri II d'Albret her husband King of Navarre dead in 1555.
The Cathedral features also a very interesting mosaic dating from the 12th century and representing a Moor warrior with a wooden leg.
The legend says that the builders of the church Vicomte de Béarn Gaston IV, Viscount of Bearn and the bishop Gui de Lons, returned from Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula with a Moor prisoner who became their hunting servant. For the services rendered, the prisoner, who was later freed, was rewarded at the building of the church with the mosaics depicting hunting scenes.
The litle town of Leascar, an old fortified former episcopal town - the remains of the remparts can still be seen - is also the site of the Gardens of Beneharnum (Beneharnum being the name of the town during Gallo-Roman occupation) and of historic site of Bilaa.

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Address:Lescar, 64230, Pyrenees-Atlantiques
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