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Lastours Castle

Cathar Castle

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The Lastours Castle is a fortification with 4 towers: "Cabaret", "TourRegine", "Surdespine" and "Quertinheux". During the albigensian crusade it was a powerfull heretic stronghold under the leadership of its owner Pierre-Roger de Cabaret. The castle fell into the crusaders hands in March 1211.
Like all the medieval fortification the castle sits atop of steep rocky promontory, in this case above the small village of Lastours - population 167 - and the river L'Orbiel.
There are two legends that make the place even more interesting: the first one tells that Roland - the companion of Charlemagne made famous by "The Song of Roland" left his horse's shoe mark on one of the rocks, and the second one that claims that the grotte that one can visit at the base of the Quertinheux tour reaches to an underground tunnel linked to the city of Carcassonne!
The towers are accessible after an uphill hike of around 20 minutes.
If you only want to admire the old structures from a distance (and take nice pictures, mainly at sunset) there is a car accessible "belvedere" point.

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Address:Lastours, 11600, Aude
Visiting Hours: Closed in January
February, March, November and December: 10am to 5pm on weekends and school holidays
October: 10am to 5pm
April to June, September: 10am to 6pm
July and August: 9am - 8pm


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