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La Grosse Cloche - Saint Eloi Church

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The Gross Cloche - The Big Bell - that gives the name to the tower it is located in, is one of the symbols of Bordeaux.
The bell's 2 towers - 40 meters in height - were built in 1485. The assembly is topped by a weathervane that represents a leopard - the symbol of Aquitaine. The building hosts now a historic exhibition. In the same complex one can also visit the beautiful Saint Eloi Church - the first church of Bordeaux built of gothic style.
In August 1548 because of high taxes imposed on the city, the Bordeaux merchants rose up. To punish them - besides taking away other privileges - the Constable Anne de Montmorency (at the time the name Anne was also used for men!) takes away the Grosse Cloche that rung the start of the revolt.The bell is given back to the city only after 12 years.
The Saint Eloi Church was built in the beginning of the 12th century on the site of a roman chapel dedicated to Saint Eloi that was built one century before, leaning on the city’s roman fortification wall.
The church was rebuilt throughout the centuries. For example in the 14th century Bordeaux fortification walls are taken down and the church is enlarged with the construction of a right aisle.
During the French Revolution the edifice is transformed in a store and thus escapes destruction. The actual façade dates from 1828 and is the work of the architect Poitevin. Sometimes the style is called "gothique troubadour".

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Address:57 rue Saint-James, Bordeaux, 33000
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