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La Clape

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The little massif of La Clape, just outside of Narbonne, is a renowned wine growing area.
Its wines fall under the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôle) of Coteaux de Languedoc.
La Clape name means "pile of stones" in the local Occitan language.
The region, with around 3000 hours of sunshine per year, is one of the sunniest of France.
The quality and uniqueness of La Clape wines are due to the microclimate of the area and the good combination of sun, soil and wind - there are 13 winds with names like Lebech, Gregou, Medjournaous, etc. that sweep the little calcareous massif!
The wine growing on La Clape began during the roman occupation of the South of France in the first century before Christ. At that time the little calcareous massif was an island called "Insula Laci ". In the middle ages the alluvial deposits of the Aude, filled the ponds that were separating it from the continent.
Nowadays La Clape produces annually 43,000 hl of wine 80% red, 10% rosé and 10% white.
For more information on the wineries of La Clape visit: La Clape web site

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