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Jeanne Albret House

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Built initially in the 15th century as a house-fortress and enlarged in the 16th century The House of Jeanne d’Albret was given to her and to her husband Antoine de Bourbon in the 16th century. It was supposed to serve the kings of Navarre as a house-retreat when Pau was threatened by epidemics.
The house is now the address of Orthez Tourist Office at its first level of the Protestantism Museum at the second level.
Other attractions in Orthez beside the "House of Kings" are the old bridge and the Moncade Tower.
The beautiful old bridge was built in the 13th century by Gaston VII de Moncade the King of Béarn.
Orthez being one of the routes towards Santiago de Compostelle the bridge was necessary for the pilgrims to cross the Gave of Pau. The bridge that withstood many armed conflicts including the war of religions and the Napoleonic wars is a beautiful example of medieval military architecture and now the symbol of Orthez.
The Moncade Tower is what is left from what was once the Chateau de Moncade. The castle was built initially by Gaston de Moncade starting in 1242 and enlarged by Gaston Fébus one of the most famous kings of Bearn who was actually born in the castle.
According to the legend it is in this tower that Gaston Fébus kills his son (who was imprisoned there) in the summer 1380.

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Address:Rue Bourg Vieux, 64300 Orthez
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