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Grotte de Rouffignac

UNESCO Heritage List

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Grotte de Rouffignac is listed in the UNESCO's World Heritage list long with the other prehistoric sites on the Vézère River valley.
The cave was already known in the 16th century and throughout the time it was referred to by different names: Caverne du Cluseau, Cro de Granville and Grotte de Miremont.
Already in the 1575 the cave was mentioned by Francois de Belleforest, a French writer, in his work "Cosmographie Universelle", where he relates that the cave's walls display animal engravings.
Most probably this long cave - at almost 8 km of length Rouffignac it is one of the longest painted cave in the world - was used as a refuge by the local population during Middle Ages.
The most exhaustive research of the cave was done in 1958. At this time there were identified 262 engravings that include animal forms: mammoths, bison, horses and reindeers and rhinos, some anthropomorphic shapes and abstract figures, dating from Magdalenian age, some 15,000 years BP.
The drawings on the walls of Rouffignac cave are considered of an equal quality and artistry with the ones of Lascaux, Font-de-Gaume and Combarelles caves.

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Visiting Hours:Due to the length of the visit is onboard of an electrical train.
For 2014: From April 13 to June 30: from 10am to 11:30am and from 2pm to 5pm.
From July 1st to August 31st: from 9am to 11:30am and from 2pm to 6pm.
From September 1st to November 1st: from 10am to 11:30am and from 2pm to 5pm.


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