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Garenne Park

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Originally, the park close to the royal castle of Nerac was founded by Antoine de Bourbon, father of Henri IV. It was enlarged a few years later by Queen Margot, the first wife of the future Henri IV. The park lays along the Baise river banks and is around 2.5 km long.

It makes a nice walking path dotted with historic tokens like the statue of Fleurette - the presumed tragic love of young Henri who killed herself when the king abandoned her (in reality there are documents attesting to the life of a named Fleurette who lived a long life and had several children) and the Dauphin fountain - the fountain built to celebrate the birth of future king Louis XIII the first son of Henri IV. Another monument in the park is the pavilion of the "Bains du Roi" - the King's Baths - who is named like this not because it was King Henri who was taking the baths but because it was him who enjoyed looking at the court ladies bathing!
Close to the "Bains du Roi" pavilion is situated the garden that used once to be the garden of the royal palace of Nerac.
At the very end of the park there is the Nazareth templar commanderie which the legend want connected via an underground tunnel with the castle of Nerac.

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